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Hibiscus Island Description

Hibiscus Island is a manmade residential neighborhood belonging to Miami Beach right across from its sibling, the neighboring Palm Island which is just off of the MacArthur Causeway. It comprises a larger collective of island neighborhoods that are known for being very popular among celebrities and wealthy public figures of both past and present. Hibiscus Island is also notable for being the original home of the infamous Latin Quarter Nightclub.
The lavish Miami Beach waterfront homes and mansions on Hibiscus Island are made even more attractive since the neighborhood has the convenience of around the clock gated security and a secluded location, courtesy of Palm Island which is a little closer to the major highway. And because Hibiscus Island belongs to Miami Beach, it doesn’t take very long to reach the energetic atmosphere of South Beach.
Hibiscus Island real estate is quite varied despite the relatively small size of the island itself. Among the many types of Miami Beach luxury homes and estates you can find, Hibiscus Island homes with more than 8,000 square foot of living space and six bedrooms are quite common. One of the most common features in these homes is boat docks and since the neighborhood is surrounded by Biscayne Bay, it’s very easy to set sail whenever the urge strikes.
In addition to the Hibiscus Island homes, the Hibiscus Island property features unique designs that range from contemporary residences to estates depicting Miami Beach’s classic 1930s style. Amenities on the island include tennis courts and children’s playgrounds which are immediately visible upon entering the island.

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