Washington Avenue Miami Beach

Washington Avenue Nightlife

Washington Avenue in South Beach is within the same ranks as Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road when it comes to familiarity. It’s also very well known for being the home of some of the world's largest and most popular nightclubs, like Cameo and the posh Mansion. During the seasons when the largest masses of people flock to Miami Beach (October 15 Washington Avenue is usually jammed with traffic until the early morning hours each day. South Beach’s penchant as a clubbing hotspot venue exploded during the 1990s as nightclub magnate like Ingrid Casares spearheaded efforts and attracted big name investors like entertainer Madonna.
South Beach has a lively and ever-changing club and bar atmosphere that has lead to the creation of more than 140 unique clubs and nightlife venues, most of which stay open until the wee morning hours.  Nightlife hotspots like the Clevelander and Club Deuce for example are tourism staples of Ocean Drive and have remained so for over a decade now.
Due to their popularity and the limited times when some of them are actually open, these South Beach nightlife venues can be a little difficult to get into, especially on weekends. It’s strongly recommended to make reservations where applicable or you may end up waiting several hours.
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